Kbd Din Mohammed Dinu, ‍agricare24.com: Dr. Mohammed Shamsuddin, BAU Professor of Surgery and Obsterics has got the recognition of IAEA Merit Award 2018 for his excellent work within the Animal Production and Health Section of the Joint FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations)/IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture.

He is a Professor of Faculty of Veterinary Science, Bangaldesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh and now working in the IAEA, Austria.

This award is to honour specifically Professor Shamsuddin’s contribution to the Agency’s programme on animal genetics, breeding, reproduction and nutrition including integrated livestock production.

His dedicated and relentless support to several national, regional and interregional Technical Cooperation projects, and his inputs and leadership on animal genetic research, are making important differences in many of FAO/IAEA Member States.

Particularly the noteworthy contribution of Professor Shamsuddin was to the development and sustainable use of semen processing laboratories and artificial insemination (AI) services in cattle and small ruminants in many countries. He has enriched the Animal Production and Health Section’s nuclear and nuclear-derived genetics, animal reproduction and nutrients programmes, not only at the Animal Production and Health Laboratory in Seibersdrof in Austria but also in Member States.

The new generation nuclear genome characterization radiation hybrid mapping technology that was adapted and developed, and being validated in Member States, needs special mentioning. In addition, Professor Shamsuddin made a significant contribution to human resource development in more than 50 Member States through technology transfer and capacity building, and by training more than 700 professionals in the various aspects of animal production, for which he has received several appreciation letters from Member States.