Ogunlana Adetayo Johnson, Agricare24.com: Water is one of the most important in six components of nutrition. And one of the most important nutrients. “but is a big surprised and a shame to some farmers that neglected water and often overlooked it in their farm”

Get this fact know today that an animal can live without food longer than it can live without water. In a laying flock, a shortage of water for just a few hours can result in reduced eggs production, so clean water should be available at all times. If you do not use automatic waterers, fill the drinkers twice a day or as many as possible to make sure that they have access to water always.

Because If the drinkers are filled only in the morning, birds can run out of water by midday. And a laying hen drinks about 25% of her daily water intake during the last two hours of daylight. So be vigilant.

“Do you know water plays an important role in the body of an animal. Water softens feed and carries it through the digestive tract. As a component of blood (90% of blood content), water carries nutrients from the digestive tract to cells and carries away waste products. Water also helps cool the bird through evaporation. (Birds do not have sweat glands, so their heat loss occurs in the air sacs and lungs through rapid respiration.)”

A baby chick is composed of about 80% water. Even though this percentage decreases as a bird gets older, the need for water remains. There is no precise quantity requirement for water because there are several factors that affect the amount of water a bird needs: age, body condition, diet, temperature, water quality, and humidity. As a rule of thumb, poultry consume twice as much water as feed… So don’t jokes with WATER..

What is Importance of Water in Poultry production this article written by Ogunlana Adetayo Johnson, Studied Animal science at University of Ibadan.